i just joined world revolution

I have been consumed by the unjust state of the world latley, more than ever before.
For some reason it has become a huge burden on my heart and am feeling renewed sense of urgency for justice for the worlds poor who everyday are just being ripped of, displaced and utterley, utterly oppressed by the enforced laws of rich countries, under the guise of liberalisation.
There are a few things going on to oppose the abuse: e-alliance is a christian thing, world social forum, world revolution. Why isn't the Salvation Army involved in these spheres? Surely as a global movement we need to act and think globally, not just on specific issues (although props to those pushing trafficking campaigns etc) but standing against global politics and transnational corporations. (As an aside I just read that in 2001 only 32% of the EU's aid actually went to the poorest countries, 63% of it went to middle income nations who were political allies and also that EVERYDAY poor countries pay rich contries 43 million POUNDS, which hardly touches the surface on the interest of their debt!)
Shivers. I am sure it saddens and maddens the Creator. I pose the question I sorta asked in my last post once more:
Should the Army be proactively fighting the oppressive rules put on the globe by the few dominating developed nations who seek to add to their already excessive wealth?

(Sorry that wasn't a very objectively put question was it! But please comment, I am interested to see if I have gone mad)

PS. Its a depressing thing cos I recognise that perhaps every Salvationist has a bee in their bonnet about how the Army should be more involved in this thing, and this thing, and this thing...

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Howard said...

Yes, yes and yes again.

"Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in Heaven"

I cant get Isaiah 65:17-25 out of my head. No Christian should be satisfied until God's plan outlined in Isaiah is a reality.

Take care.