springs of Te Aroha and spring harvest

Back in the office after our little break at Te Aroha (Yes, that once famous hot springs town where Albert Osbourne penned his song about coming to the healing waters) (what is weird though is that there is a big bronze plaque there saying "Hereith art the spot"- whats the point! so strange) We just about drowned and got blown back to Auckland every night in our little tent, in what had to be the worst weather all year- WAH! haha. oh well. We sat up and talked with this guy who was living at the campsite- it was pretty shamefilling as he was a simple guy ay, but a Jesus lover that knew his Bible back to front, spouting verses here there and everywhere. It was such a challenge to Tim and I about being serious about the importance of the Word, we more often than not just try to hide the spirit of the Bible in our hearts, rather than the words (bit of a cop out ay?)
Then the big Salvation Army sports event, taupo 7's was awesome on Tuesday. We had 20 of us from Mt Albert and it felt so rad- like a real sense of community.

Hmm. You know how one thing keeps popping up all the time, a saying, or a song, or a bible verse- for me at the mo it is the idea that the need for justice stems from the idea that all of us are made in Gods image, it is almost one of the formative points of the Bible, and is strong throughout. I do really feel that young people are so grasping this justice thing- Our Easter Camp was one place where I felt it, then my sister Jo emailed about Spring Harvest, in the UK- she says

"The theme was One God and the way it coincidentally worked out was that everyone on team was all aboutthe justice thing. It meant that every night, regardless of the themethe talk was really about justice and transformation and hope for themarginalised. And the young people so got that. I had to take a group into an all age worship thing to lead prayers and we got them giving testimonies about what God had shown them during the week. They wereall laying down hard out challenges to the adults to live in a waythat made a difference, to be hope in their communities, to lovepeople they may never meet. We were given 3/4minutes but actually took10 cos the 2000 people there were cheering and clapping so much! Wewere launching a traffiking campaign and one lad wanted to talk aboutthat. One night there was a prayer vigil and so he and his friendswanted to join it but they couldn't find it so they just stoodtogether and prayed. He said "it was amazing to know that you don'tneed a flashy venue or a great band to make a difference. Just thewords of your heart can bring people hope." It was awesome. Theseyoung people are so so middle class and I just don't think hear thisstuff much but they grabbed it and ran with it. Awesome eh?'

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