ahhh, amigos!

We are sitting in a lovely hostel in Lima. We have been in the skies for 23 hours and in transit lounges for 20 hours more. We are feeling a bit rough! Up untill now I have been dropping off to nodland 3 or 4 times an hour, whenever I shut my eyes really... but now that I have a bed I am wide awake! Rats, why does that always happen?! But other than that Peru is so far friendly, hot and fascinating. We will probably only be here in the city for another day or so then we will traverse down the coastline, up to Machu Piccu and then down to Bolivia via Lake Titicaca.
At the supermarket I saw a giant corn on the cob, with kernels the size of my thumb. (This one was yellow but they had purple ones too) So, sweetcorn being my most favourite thing ever, I snapped it up and bought it back and cooked it up. It totally tasted like broad beans! Blughh. Not sweet corn at all... perhaps the first of many culinary surprises.
I am busting out with spanish all over the place, I think I am embarressing Tim. Every time I say something, I give him a proud nudge but I dont think he is down with it as much as I am.
Okedokio, Adios and Hasta Luego.
(By the way, to answer Glyns question... we are on our way to London to spend a few years there, via a bit of the Americas!)


JoJo said...

It all sound amazing. Am muchly jealous of the visit to Machu Piccu. If you can post any photo's that would be fab. I on the other hand am just hanging out, getting increasingly uncomfortable waiting for the arrival (though in quite different ways) of 3 very important people!

Glyn said...

Aah, I see. Awesome. It'll be good to have you back (I'm sure we'll bump into eachother - London's tiny).

timbo said...

Yes, it will be nice to see you again Glyn i was telling Tim the other day how my mum left you at London Zoo.
Jo, I think mine and Tims arrival will be less painful eh? Although is a bit early in the AM. That will be painful for me. (loosing sleep waaahhhhhhh)