phew. I'm human.

I have really not been feeling too sad about leaving Aotearoa. A childhood of roaming about regularly has seemed to make me a bit callous hearted about moving on; "Friends are friends for ever, family too. So, you know.... See Ya!!" styles.
Finally, yesterday I got sad. Hurray!
Having our last church service at Mt Albert Salvation Army really sucked. It is truly the most inclusive and embracing community I have ever been a part of. As a church goes, it is so hitting the nail on the head- being utterly genunine, incarnate in the community, to the marginalised. Can a space like that - the values and ideas, the theology and outworking of that-be recreated ever? I will miss Mt Albert with all its curiosities and frame breaks very much.
And then last night we had one ginourmous Farewell Sundaes on Sundays. We didn't know how many friends to expect, I had in mind about 20, but in all about 90 loved ones showed up to eat ice cream and hug good bye. Such amazing people, that I am sad not to get to hang out with more and more.
Our corps officers (pastors) sent us out from Mt Albert as missionaries, to go and build community where we go. I so hope we can be faithful to the this, and the other things God has done in our minds and hearts over this year (thoughts shaped and values confirmed) - through church and other friendships- wherever we end up.


Ukiewookie said...

Oooh was it ur farewell, I just smelled the icecream calling me to turn up hehe... all the BESTEST for the future and free trade coffee WIPPEE!!!

Glyn said...


Sorry if it seems like I haven't been paying attention but, uh, where are you guys going?

P.S. I always find that I can move quite easily as well but then I get really nostalgic later on.