grace and wonder

I am reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning, and there is this rad bit in it that talks abut wonder. About how easily we lose our wonder over the big and little beautiful things around us, and about this wise old Rabbi who on his death bed praised the Lord that he was able to retain his sense of wonder throughout his life.
When you are on holiday your wonder sensors perk up a bit ay? How can you not have your breath taken away at the sight of the sun setting over majestic miles of sand dunes?! Or at the Hola exclaiming parrots who want to be your mate!
There are a few nonwonderous moments too, like when your camera gets irrepairabley wasted by the iron in the sanddunes and you can´t post the pictures people want to see! Or like having the runs when your bus gets stuck in traffic for 3 hours in the middle of a desert. (Last nights bus trip was due to take 2 and half hours, it lasted 7! Tonights bus trip to Cusco is due to take 20 hours....!!!)
i guess, I want to have my sense of wonder nurtured on this trip to the point of no return. So that even in mundanity I can glimpse the grace and beauty of God in the big and the little.

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Justin said...

i've been reading that too.. its awesome ay