'Appy New yearrr

What a fabulous restful week it has been! A quick update.... Spent Christmas down in Rotorua with the extended Aitken Whanau, which was really fab.
Today we are off to canoe down the Whanganui river for 4 days, 13 of us. It is going to be wonderful, so beautiful down there. We will mostly all be sleeping under a tarp, except for one night I think when we'll be on a marae.

Then Tim, me and one of my best pals, Jenna, are going to Taranaki for the Parihaka Festival for Peace and Justice. Bands, speakers, Te Reo Maori etc, (its not too late to join us! text tim if you want to come- 0274798111)

Then we are hitching back to Auckland to get ready for the big leaving day on the 17th of January! Wahoo! Spending 6 weeks in Peru and Bolivia, 2 in Canada to arrive in London on 15th March.... ARGH canny wait.

Well- Happy New Year everyone. A weird kind of party time, eh? As half the time we dont know what we are celebrating! But today I am celebrating hope in God for:

new adventures that God can infuse in each year, a rejuvenated passion for justice and mission, a recommitment to following Jesus so closely (even into the darkest, weirdest, grottiest places) and more courage to actually do this...
Yup, thats me prayer.

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