Mucho hat plaits

Have arrived in Cusco after a most trecherous journey over the Andes, a good solid 13 hours of winding and bumping around unimaginable heights! So mad to pass through a town tucked away into the top of an incredibley high mountain after hours of climbing in the bus, only, 40 minutes later, to look down and see it miles below as a tiny speck of glitter.
Cusco is such a beautiful city, a harmonious mix of Inca ruins and Spanish colonial architecture. There are hat plaits everywhere you look (You know, the wooly ones) as well as Llamas lolling around on the streets.
We are hoping to go exploring around the Sacred Valley over the weekend- Tims birthday tommorrow- and then to begin the Inca Trail on Monday. But, you see, Tim is a bit of a crook one... please pray that he gets well soon, so that not only does he feel better but so we can get on with the intrepidness. Gracias, amigos.
Also, sorry no pictures, our camera has truly died a death so we are on to the old skool disposables!!!


JoJo said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear favourite Bro and Uncle, Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you're feeling much much better and had an awesome birthday.

Corryn said...

Wowz! You guys sound like you are having a trip of a lifetime! It sounds incredible. I look forward to the many more adventurous stories to be had and heard!

Keep safe and know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Crin xoxo