Blisters, archeology and natures wee treasures

Have just returned from Ye Trail of Ye Inca. WOWZA, hard work! Days beginning between 4 am and 6 am and lasting between 6 and 10 hours, mucho up hill mountaineering styles!
Gods finger prints all over it: from the magnificent snow capped craggy peaks to the tiny orchids splashed all round- colourful intricacies the size of your fingernail...

We were with a crazy bunch of singing Brazillians. We got our first warning when we turned up to the 4 day trek feeling totally illprepared (no hiking boots or rain gear) and they exclaimed "Ooh, you two are very professional, yes?" They began the trail using plastic shopping bags to hold their sleeping bags, mattresses and clothes, and finished as a choir of sopping, sodden singers. (Honestly, they sang non stop, from Britney to the Beatles) One of the new amigos from the group will stick in our minds forever I think, he was a pure breed of Edward Scissorhands and Mogley from the Jungle Book, he walked at 1 metre an hour and (as you can imagine) arrived consistently 2 hours late to each meeting point.

Arrived at the Sun gate at Macchu Picchu today at 7 o clock. A mindblowing thing, this little Inca city plopped right in the middle of the jungle. My favourite moments there were when the walls came alive with animals- the lazy chinchillas cosied up in the corner of a shrine, the massive purple millipede hurrying along the steps... the baby llamas: WAH!
The drive home was lit up by the nightly lightening display over the Andes and energy infused by having to push our coach out of a hole it got severely stuck in.

Very tired now, but trying to stay up till a sensible going to bed time. Off on a bus to Puno (On Lake Titicaca) tommorrow for some time on the floating Islands.

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