sometimes it is okay to be a sheep, you know...

Today we got the bus from Copacabana to La Paz. About half way we stopped at a little town, the driver yelled something down the back so me and Tim looked at each other and went "Ah, toilet stop". Everyone got off the bus, Tim said "Need some fresh air lu?" No, no, I didn´t really need any fresh air, or the toilet, so I carried on reading my book. Moments later I looked up as the bus groaned back into life... why was I the only passenger left? did they ALL need the loo? Were they ALL sick of stale bus air? Something fishy was going on. All became clear as the bus rolled onto a big barge on the lake and I looked out of the window to see everyone else queuing up for a speed boat. RATS I WISH I HAD LEARNED SPANISH BEFORE I CAME HERE! WHY DIDNT I NEED THE TOILET! OR FRESH AIR!!
It turned out to be in my favour though, for after 20 minutes of rolling along the lake we all met up again on the bus on shore AND I was in the money! They all had to pay 1 Boliviano for the speed boat ride! mohaha. (Yep, I saved 15 cents... gonna get a treat..)

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jo said...

I think that I might have been having a full on heart attack for those 20 mins. Were you cool as a cucumber and reading a book? I get stressed out on the most mundane of bus journey's if it's a new one. When should I get off? Do I push the bell now? Does anyone need this seat more than I do? I swear, it's just exhausting.
Also, am I a doughnut for not knowing copacabana was in Bolivia?