rainy season in the rainforest...

is pretty flippin rainy!
We have been here (Trinidad, a jungle town tucked into the amazon) for a few days, got a short flight out from Cochabamba to do some floating on the river, wildlife spotting.
The river is flooded by 15 metres, so we were mostly passing the canopy layer of the jungle (lots of birds, hehe)
Although we saw.... pink dolphins (yes, there are freshwater dolphins in the world... and they are pink!! totally news to me) monkeys, tucans, giant kingfishers and storks, a snake, little amazon beaver things, fireflys, bats and their babies in our room! And a whhooollllee lot of trees.
Generally all very wet, has rained the entire time, like, torrentially...soaked to the bones! We even got freezing cold, blue lips and everything... that would have been a peculiar story, hyperthermia in the hot, wet season in the jungle! Back to the Hasties now ( we are just waiting for our flight at the moment) and then only one more week in Bolivia.

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