Update from Cochabamba

In the last week we have...

Visited islands made out of reeds on the lake in Puno where thousands of people have lived for centuries.

Stayed on the beautiful Isle Del Sol in Copacobana, where we did heaps of trekking and swimming in the snow melt of lake Titicaca. It is the birthplace of the first Inca...

Stayed in a flash hotel in La Paz that we thought was 20 Bolivianos for both of us ($4 nz) and then it turned out in the morning it was um... $20 american, hehe. (Thats a HEAP of money for Bolivia!!!!)

Been to the jungle (Coroico) and went tramping to these waterfalls. It was freaky thinking about all the things out there that want to eat us! Okay, not so much, but imaginations really run wild in the wild! (There were hundreds and thousands of beautiful butterlies, that really wanted to hang about the water and our feet. It made me think about how they were so fragile- so much can kill them- but it doesn't stop them flying daringly about being what they were meant to be!)

Experienced some manic thunderstorms, both on the lake and in the jungle, where a roll of thunder actually feels like giants are playing bowls with gargantuan concrete balls over your room.

Left both our books on the bus to Cochabamba, which also had all my written and addressed postcards in. (Yep, I was totally sending all ye postcards!! But now they are all vamos!)

Made it to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where we are staying with our friends the Hastie Family for a couple of weeks. They are kiwi Salvation Army officers working here in the Calicanto Community. It has been rad hanging out with them the last couple of days... lots of food and laughs! (we have also watched 5 episodes of MacGyver. They totally have the first 5 series.)

Been a comedy duo of clowns for the Sunday school...(I have the aff and Tim has the plait hat)
Okay, off to watch another Macgyver. He rocks.

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