The South Americans know how to....

Wherever there is a group of more then 2 or 3 people they seem to be having the most joyous and exciting time...chatter... laughter... exubiant. Mind you, the last few days we have seem some real partying with panpipe karaoke on the back of a truck and hundreds of gleefull dancers following a day of parading through the streets throwing confetti and having mass it seemed. (That was a bit weird)
In every major city we have been in we have been met with large scale protests, at least one or two. Complete with plattoons of armoured guards with tear gas, tanks and water canons. Todays protest in La Pas was the biggest I have seen in my life, at least 5000 miners and their families swarmed the main streets. They are camped out together, united in their desire for change. (Well, okay, thats what we think it is, seeing as our Spanish isn´t crash hot, speaking of which....)
Yep, we have been here two weeks and already have witnessed the world infamous dangerous roads. on our first bus trip we were traffic jammed for 3 hours or so because 2 trucks had had a head on. And on our way into Bolivia we passed a truck that had been full of humans (like a cheap bus) that had come of the road onto it´s side, leaving about 70 locals and the vehicle upturned. We were gonna cycle down the worlds most dangerous road tomorrow, but dont really feel much need to anymore! ´
So, this is why South Americans truly know how to Party, Protest and Pcrash. (Silent P, okay, gosh.)

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