Stevo said...

Just to say, your blogs ace, I'm not very good at commenting but, has to be said "nice blog"

Stace said...

Hey, I've been enjoying reading your blog for a while now.

I'm not a completely random nut from cyberspace btw; I'm a good mate of Jacob's.


What exactly is a fair trade town?(re: the post below)

lucy AR said...

awww thanks you guys hahaha

hey stace- a fair trade town is a town that has a certain percentage of businesses and organisations that use fair trade products (coffee n tea that isn't corruptly and exploitatively traded) and has a council that passes a Fair Trade Town resolution and promotes and uses uses FT products. AKL is close to it but needs the council stuff. The reason we want AKL to be a FT town is that it's fab for trade justice awareness.

Anyway. i had a peek through your blog and i've got to say its a wonderous beautiful thing!

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