here in the house of the great king????

Mike Frost: "When I go to a church and they say "Welcome to the House of God" I am sitting at the back blowing rasberries- N0 building is the house of God! WE are!"

Howard Snyder: "The gospel says "Go" but our church buildings say "Stay". The gospel says "Seek the Lost" but our church buildings say "Let the lost seek the church""

Stephen (you know, from the Bible): "The most high doesn't dwell in buildings made of human hands."

Steve Molen (Salvation Army youth worker): "Burn the church buildings! Burn 'em down!"

How much do you reckon our investment in buildings restricts the Salvation Army's kingdom work? Do you reckon there needs to be a bit of healthy pyromania?

(symbolic pyromania!) (dont wanna get the sack for being a pyscho)


Lard said...

I'm struggling to hold back the physcho in me that says burn them down and possibly leave some of the congregation in there.

But seriously, the best church i've had in my life has been at house groups or miles away from any church building.

Glyn said...

We're currently going round and round in circles over the purchasing of a new building.

Meanwhile, we're at war (also symbolic and only barely exaggerated) with the church that's in there at the moment (doing some great stuff with youth btw) but was only supposed to be on a year long lease (but have been in there for years) and they can't afford to maintain the building.

People have fallen out, there's been a lot of frustration and lawyers have been called in.

A lot of money and time has been spent and still no resolution. This started years ago.

So yes, be it symbolic, physical or spiritual, send the fire!

Gordon said...

i think it really depends on how you use your building.

I've got the matches ready if it is to be used as a honey pot to attract people in - but if you use it as a gift of God to your community - there's a thing!

lucy AR said...

yeah, its totally about how they're used. it is just so rare to find a church that uses it as a "gift to the community". They might begin that way, when they first get a building. But it slowly but surely changes as they get precious about it, it begins to inhibit. Like Churchill says "we build our buildings then they build us"

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