kids camp is all over

Wowzas! We made it to the end of Kids Camp! It was without a doubt, the hardest, most stressfull thing I have ever done. But what a flippin amazing time! It finished on Friday and I just spent the whole weekend feeling completely overwhelmed and humbled by the way that God used those few days so powerfully in those kids lives. Up until the first day of camp my attitude was so stink "oh well, if kids camp has to be done then we had better do it well" kind of thing, and felt well out of my depth the whole time- so then to watch God move amongst those kids was just mindblowing! A massive reminder that God is not confined to our effort/attitude/fallibility. A few posts ago I wrote a vague hope for camp that "God would be strong in our weakness"- Man! If I had only known! We saw so potently that Gods power is made perfect in weakness!

Top 3 highlights:
3- The Crazy Opshop Ball- we had tons of 2nd hand clothes, a cheesy covers band and a whole lot of insanity. It was SO rad to watch the kids just let loose big time!
2- Praying with my small group for the Holy Spirit, 8 seven to eight year olds laying hands on each other, wanting to get "plugged in".
1- Hunting for beach treasure with these two young brothers who had just had a bit of fisty cuffs, and seeing how they valued someone spending precious moments with them.

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