winter woes

Last night I introduced Tim to a great treat- microwaved cheese. It is truly scrumpscious, all melted and chrispy on the edges. Kind of like microwaved mars bars. (Another treat). Tim busted out and added pickle to his plate of goodness. Unsurprisingly crazy dreaming was in store for us.

I dreamt of lolling in the green pastures of my homeland -as my family and friends are at the moment: the sun scorching their skin like berrys, dipping in the fresh sea on the devon coast.

Today I sit at my desk, sheltered from the freezingness of the outside: my skin so pasty it is see through and my mind as unclear as the cloudy skies above. Wah. Winter woes.


Glyn said...

As much as I feel for your wintery coldness, I cannot feel too smug about our ridiculously hot weather as it is RIDICULOUSLY HOT!!! I cannot sleep, everywhere has sold out of ice and I am sticking to everything (we recently got leather furniture - worst possible timing).

Oh, and the roads are melting out here. Melting for crying out loud. We brits were made for cooler climes.

Tarry said...

You know, there was a recipe in the Herald on Saturday (but it might've been the Sunday Star Times since the weekend is one cotinuous blur) for microwaved toast. Apparently it works, though I'm not sure how since you'd expect it to go all limp and soggy.

lucy AR said...

mic'd toast? blugh. wil give it a crack though, gotta be good if it has the same effect as cheese n mars bars.

Glyn, my car used to have synthetic leather seats and it drove me to a momentary criminal lifestyle because it was so horrible sticking to them in the summer- I stole my friends furry car seats off his clothes line when he tooke them out his own car to wash them. im lawless...