missional church

Our last day in Wellington last week was a workshop with Mike Frost on missional church. Flipping inspiring. He spoke of the need for our "new look for church" to spring from our knowledge about God, and the devestation of mission being seperated from church- they need to be one and the same. I hope to post some of the striking things discussed on my blog over the next wee while.
Meanwhile from his book, "The Shaping of things to come"
"Perhaps the birth of the missional church will depend on whether enough people will be found willing to respond to the critical issues of our time and have a go at dreaming up new forms of church and creating new ways of doing ministry and mission. We believe that the actual experimentation, the revolution if you will, will be actively led and executed by younger people- most revolutions are....
Our heartfelt prayer is that our youth will find the necesary courage to break with the enslaving power of the habitual and the familiar."

You can check out Mike and his crews community on smallboatbigsea.com it is a rad site.


JoJo said...

Once again, I am internally standing up and shouting amen. Readers of Sti's blog will know we think muchly about church. I love it, believe in it but even in my lifelong-Christian-church-going- ness am feeling less and less like a singing and listening church is where I fit. I want to see a church that is integrated, where you never have to hear one of those '7 day a week Christian' sermons because it's just not possible to draw those kind of lines. That's what I want to be a part of. I'm hungry for real relationships, honesty and creativity. Think I might even be hungry enought to get off the sofa, pop to the kitchen and see what I can russle up rather than just read more cookery books (ooo, a metaphore).

Bazilbee said...

I tend to agree with jojo. I have been part of the Church for around Three years now. At first I thought this was how church was, and never questioned it, simply because I knew no different. However once I expolered beyond the Churches perimeters I came to realise that maybe I needed to re-discover the charater of Christ. Our Churches have many of us under an illusion. Controlling many through the Hierarchy -Which was what Jesus was angered by . Much like the Catholic chruch before Martin Luther. I also attended Mike Frosts work shop, and was inspired by what he said. I encourage all to begin to question and challenge the Insitutional Church. I wonder what Jesus would do ??