lab rats

I'm down in Wellington at the mo for territorial youth meetings. I am a bit sick though...woe me, the snots, the cough, the whole deal, blagh.
Today we are planning Kaivata, the tri-territorial youth conference coming up in January. This week have also been working on our Youth Councils in August, this mad 24 hour bash with Nathan Rowe and Rowan Castle for Oz. Noth you can check out on our youth site- Firezone.co.nz

It's funny cos my motto for ventures i'm involved in/ life in general is "give it a crack". You know, get risky. I like to try new stuff for events. I dig people that do church different.
And then C.S Lewis's words ring in my ear "Jesus said feed my sheep not do experiments on my rats"

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JoJo said...

I here ya. Though I am currently in the middle of an event that is taking no risks, is possibly the least creative youth thing I've ever been at and no-ones experimenting but I'm pretty sure no one's really being fed either. Because of all the singing and emotional language people are starting to feel pretty good but no one's being asked to do anything different, to stretch themselves, to push a bit harder. It's a fine line I guess and one I'm sure I'll ponder on more as I despair in my field!