GRRR. I am furious and confused.

Arrghhh. I feel melancholy today. About faith stuff... and the world. Eek. Confusion. Was just reading the paper, and read that 100,000 people turned up to Queen St yesterday to watch the Boobs on Bikes parade to advertise the Erotica Expo this weekend. And the organiser, Steve Crow, was like “Yeah, and only one lame old protester” and I'm mad: “WHY WASN’T I PROTESTING!” and then I remembered it was because I have an idea that faith needs to be reclaimed from people that go around going “Naughty”- the Pope put it well last week: “Christianity, Catholicism, isn't a collection of prohibitions," the 79-year-old Pope said. "It's a positive option ... We've heard so much about what is not allowed that now it's time to say: we have a positive idea to offer ..." Which is so deeply true- mammoth freedom, authentic love, abounding grace because of Jesus!

But then I read the article right below the Boobs on Bike coverage about a guy going to prison for sexually abusing 12 primary school kids and my soul weeps. And I remember yesterday reading a thing someone was handing out at the parade- a list of stats relating pornography to sexual predatory (which isn’t surprising of course) And THEN!! (feel my fury!!) I read the article below that one about how outraged people are that prayer/ karakia is sneaking back in to schools....

Our children are being raped while their parents watch a porn parade and complain about religion in schools!

Our society is going to the dogs. I feel like an extreme fundamentalist today. I want to yell through a megaphone at Steve Crow “TURN OR BURN!” with lots of mouth froth and actually yesterday I did get a letter from the Advertising Standards Authority where I got referred to by Steve Crow as “Conservative Right” for complaining about his women degrading Erotica Billboards. Which is sort of funny. That he can determine my political stance from a complaint, But argh. Maybe I am becoming a right wing fundy. Noooooooooooooooo.

I know I must remember the places that the kingdom of God is being revealed. It truly is. There ARE places! Today though, I am finding it hard to believe.

Cor Blimey.

Anyway. If anyone wants to join a Team to go to Erotica Expo this weekend to pray around it and chat with people and hand out “JESUS LOVES PORNSTARS” flyers, in order to counteract the fundys at the gate yelling “TURN OR BURN” with mouth froth please let me know. Tim and I are away :( but a team is still going, as we did last years Erotica Epo which was really, really worthwhile. So, please, let me know, 'specially any student lifers!

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Justin said...

its funny you know, coz student lifers get criticised in Christian cirlces for giving Christianity a bad name by trying to stuff God down people's throats but then we're also know to be far more active...for such things as this

your post is interesting...its interesting coz its a battle i have had... by being against certain things and agreeing with certain things that makes us right or left wing, but really as Christians we shouldnt ascribe to one or the other. Christ's teaching is above both, so we have the freedom to be pro left and pro right on things...

Great post though,