I was having a bit of a whingarama to dad on the phone the other day about the nature of bureaucracy and how long it takes to get things actioned (probably about the Fair Trade proposal which has spent about 8 months in no mans land). I'm all about blaming bureacracy for absolutley everything. Anyway, dad said simply that it works the other way round too; slow to start stuff but also slow to stop you doing stuff. Hurray.

I once wrote an essay about the ridiculousness of bureaucracy, it sorta went:

theocracy- Gods got the power
democracy- we've got the power
autocracy-i've got the power
bureaucracy- the wooden desk has the power

Im pretty sure I got an a+ for it. My proffessor was nuts though.


Fiona said...

Hey Lucy... Im Fiona just arrived in NZ. drop me an email,

Anonymous said...

hey i'd love to come for tea,

when and where, - friday and sats suck for me, unless you guys want to come eat at my restaurant - the Landing, i'll be your waiter for the night, we make lots of seafood

Anonymous said...

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