yahoo made it!

to the end of the 24 hour youth councils! It was pretty awesome I tell you, but without a doubt soooo knackering! Note to anyone ever considering a 24 hour thing (it is worth it to save $$$ and to fit loads of stuff in) don't start at 10:30 PM! There was not one awake moment for anyone! Glory, what were we thinking.
Rowan Castle and Nathan Rowe from Ozzy spoke and did music. They were excellent. Such troopers; amazingly open hearts towards God and what he wants to do, and a flipping great laugh.
We ate giant bananna splits out of drain pipes, went on a sunrise breakfast walk, painted, contemplated, put on a market day for the community, went on a 4AM car rally, got mobilised for social action. Wowza. Young people rock. God rocks.

I am at Tims school. Have just talked about Fair Trade, challenged them to make their school Fair Trade and they are well up for it- young people wanna be activists ay. They just need the encouragement. It was hard though cos my tired head feels like it is full of mud and no brains. Wah. More sllleeeeeepppp.

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