this morning

Campbell is presenting our Fair Trade proposal to cabinet this morning! (Cabinet is the SA's national decision makers)
Will keep you posted.


Tarry said...


Got this in my inbox now from the Faculty

"Barry Coates from Oxfam will be here tomorrow (Thursday 3rd) giving a presentation to Development Studies students entitled International
Trade: Power, Politics and People.
This will be held in HSB room 902 at
11.00am - everyone is welcome to attend."

Not sure how keen you are on Oxfam and Politics and what-have-you, but there you go.

KJ said...

BCM were considering going down the Fair Trade path after our FT Cuppa earlier this year - it would be great if we all did!

Look forward to hearing the result of the meeting...

lucy AR said...

oxfam rock, Barry Coates is on to it. thanks bro.

Karen- push it through! i can email you a proposal framework if you want.

JoJo said...

How ridiculous that Aucklnd could go Fairtrade before the Army. Is it really such a tough decision? Bonkers. Anyway, good job Lu

lucy AR said...

here here jo. bonkers.

Anonymous said...

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