weekend fun

Our weekend has been manic. Moved in our refugee family on Saturday, into their new home, we shared some well special times! Totally hard though as we speak not a dash of the same language. Lots of melodramatic facial expressions and oversized hand actions. A real giggle all 5 of us squeezing in the mini for a drive.

We had a fantastic church yesterday morning. Cafe styles. Explored what church is in groups, drawing pictures etc. No singing really. Lots of discussion. I loved it.

Oh- by the way: Make Poverty History Month of Mobilisation begins on Sept 16th. To add your voice to the many petitioning our government to make political decisions against extreme poverty text 8466!

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Anonymous said...

don't forget tim's final, maybe not a win but a great personal performance at least, and his supporters/jinx club turned up !