theres no business like it

I shared olives with Dave Dobbyn yesterday! Total musical legend. I was helping out with the Make Poverty history ad (I was holding the boom and didn't ding his head, phew)

Dave, one of NZ's most worthy national treasures, recently became a Christian and now has an awesome thing going where he visits the prisoners and plays beautiful music.

"Dobbyn describes his own journey to God saying he was “being interviewed by a broadcaster, being prodded for his views on New Zealand music, “and a part of me was quite miffed and I stopped myself flying off the handle and getting angry with him or buying into his game."
He [Dobbyn] went home, wondering if he should have agreed to the interview, when this voice said, “No, you handled it very well with a lot of dignity. And that’s how the big fella came and said, ‘You’re coming with me son’. Dobbyn said he fell to the ground completely and said ‘Yeah, absolutely, I’m with you.” (Sunday Star Times 5 June 2005)."

You can have a listen to Loyal and Slice of Heaven on Dave's Myspace! hehe.


Anonymous said...

wow thats so cool, how'd you get to help with the make poverty history ad,

Sandra White said...

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JoJo said...

Olives with Dave Dobbyn? That's awesome. Except for the olives bit. Would have been better if it had been chocolate or sausages or something but still... awesome. Did he sing for you?

JoJo said...

Ahhsome - in the style of Napoleon Dynamite.

Stevo said...

that last comment was from me, darn wife logged me out... words will be had. Embarrassing me publicly like that tchh. Only joking of course

JoJo said...

was muchly confused to see a post in my name that i'd never posted. i am cracking on and getting a little more forgetful but was sure not such mind blank scales of forgetfulness. phewee.