YC's and Martin Buber (na he's not coming)

Off to Youth Councils (Salvation Army annual youth event). We are doing a 24 hour non stop thing. I am excited, I just don't know if I am excited about it, or excited that soon it will be over.... I REALLY like to sleep (its a genetic hobbie passed down from my Nana and it is healthy for me. )
But, yeah... YC's will be awesome. Anyway, I'm leaving so here is quite a quintessential quote from Buber-

"Genuine religiousity has nothing in common with the fancies of romantic hearts or with the self-pleasure of indulgent souls, or with the clever mental excercises of a practiced intellectuality. Genuine religiousity is doing. It seeks to carve the unconditioned out of the matter of this world. The face of God rests, invisible, in an earthen block; it must be wrought, carved, out of it. To engage in this work means to be religious, nothing else."


Stace said...

Really truly hope that went well ay. Gutted about being deprived of sleep.

I have got such a chronic grip on my life, to the extent my hand has become crippled and hardened in its sheltered and generic position. My blood, that life force, has congealed around my hand.

I look with disdain at my limbs. My perfectly capable and undisfigured body. I don’t mean that in a vainly arrogant way at all; what I mean is that I am fortunate enough to have all four limbs in tact and fully functional. I am not affected by any form of physical discomfort
I like to think that I’m only half vile and I haven’t let my mind slip too far into the depths of inactivity. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

I don’t know why but the bit about my limbs got to me the most. And what have I done with them? These hands and feet( slight shudder), what have they achieved? A few blog posts, jottings on the subway, moving from A to B, a few kilometers a week on the treadmill, and increasingly, my toes are being used to grasp objects due to my insatiable lethargy.

But yeah. Faith is active. Just not exactly sure on how to act on it in this moment in time. hmmmm.
Good quote though. Yes.

Justin said...

i saw your husband on friday night, he ate mussels. And lots of garlic bread. But he left no tip for the waiter... he has much to learn...

hope your 24hr conference was good, do you think making it 24hr makes it most exciting or more sacrificial, either way im sure its a good thing or is it?

Anonymous said...

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