2 hard basket

Last night at Fuel (Mission/Discipleship training) we had the "2 hard basket". Basically everyone bought along their struggles/doubts/faith questions and lay them out warts and all. We covered the war, speaking in tongues and holiness amongst a billion other things and we didn't conclude too much either. It was a beautiful and vulnerable thing!

The night prior to this I had a dream where I was one of the last remaining at the end of the world. "They" (I dont know who "they" were) put a gun to my head and gave me a last confession. I looked around and implored people to "do justice and live right relationships because then you will end up in..." at that point Tim woke me up. But when I get woken up in an important dream I always try and go back and finish it off. So I went back to the end of the world and completed my sentence ".... hell!" Hell?!! Then my seat fell from under me and i went dooowwwnnnnn. It was kind of funny, but of course totally not.
So anyway that was an extreme way of leading to my own struggle which is the fact that i should have, in my last words on earth convinced people about how "Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life!!!" but I didn't... and how this is a bit of a danger for me sometimes- to forget that my motivation and aspiration must always and only be Jesus, Jesus and Jesus, however that outworks itself.

For anyone wondering: the Mini has undergone a miraculous motortransformation! It is indeed the greatest midget car in all the world. Apparently the problem is just a solenoid, and come on- they are always dodgy in these antique wagons! So no sweat there. It charges along, like a hero and has this wicked PARP for a horn. We are currently in the naming process. We think something like Gangsta H-Core would be appropriate?


Anonymous said...

hehe, you're posts always make me laugh, they also make me feel like i've never got anything funny or worthwhile to write Hmmm... anyway are you a two car family now - what decadence! Just joking, could you email me your sermon notes from the fair trade sermon- i need some more ideas - it's wwrico@yahoo.com

Ukiewookie said...

Thnx 4a Fair Trade Chocolate YUMMM...

JoJo said...

Hurrah for the mini. After sharing much sadness I now am sharing your joy.
Also love the '2 hard basket.' Steve and I are doing a theology thing at church every wed night. 9 of us gather together we eat, and under the supervision of a doctor in theology we discuss stuff. We're reading a book on Biblical interpretation. Last week was political interpretation. This week I'm leading on feminist interpretation. Nearly everything we discuss falls in the '2 hard' category and I love it. People are so honest and we don't end up agreeing or knowing much more, just asking a few more good questions. It's helping me be more deliberate in my thinking and I'm doing less assuming. It feels like good, honest church. When my brain isn't aching, I'm loving it.