madness and jubilations

Life has been pretty mad lately. I did a workshop on Mission and Social Action at this excellent event in Tokoroa that the DY from Midland Division put on, but that was a loooong drive down and back on Saturday. Then Tim and I went to Wagamamas (yumness) and we got all spontaneous and extravagant and went to see STOMP at the theatre to celebrate our 6 monthversary of marital bliss WAHOO! Stomp was ammmmaaaaazzzing, even though we were a billion miles away in the sky looking down at dots on the stage (I didn’t have my glasses and Tim had to keep leaning over and saying “It’s a newspaper… it’s a stop sign… it’s a tin” … I remember the days of the old binoculars on the back of the seats for a pound).

We also have my pal from Wellington staying with us at the moment, it is joyous.

Oh well hope all ye are doing fantabulously. Wicked to see my brilliant bro in law, Steve, is charging with his Blog at the mo- although I think my Mum needs to set up a blog so she can put up a post that defends her non-dragonlikeness and so she can describe her fave term for son in laws.


Stevo said...

I was just interested to see if there are any more names out there for mothers in law. Plus i think the long distance thing has cemented Tim place as favorite son-in-law, and I'm running from the truth.

Glyn said...

I love Stomp.

I love Wagamamas.

This post was great.

JoJo said...

isn't it just greatness that although we live a billion miles apart we can share in the greatness of wagamama's. steve and i partook of a wagamama's just last friday. it was surely delicious.
also lu, those fine theatre binoculars that you speak of are the things making steve look especially odd. he didn't pay a pound though. just yanked hard when we went to see les mis.