Big day wednesday

Had a big day yesterday, in the morning spoke on Fairtrade at a local Christian College which went well- they were keen as. But what was amazing was that it was sent up by this one women who heard about Fairtrade at church and decided to do something about it. What a cool thing! Another lady who heard about it at church went to her employers at a massive NZ chain store, Farmers, and asked them to become a Fairtrade workplace- it has now gone to the Farmer Head Office! Ordinary people doing ordinary things bringing about extraordinary change! Its beautiful!

In the afternoon went to Wellington for a Make Poverty History meeting which was kind of good. But when I went to fly home my ticket had been booked for the 28th of JULY! So I am now in Wellington for a whole extra month. Nah. Just kiddin. I changed it, but what a drama!

Went straight from the airport to Refugee Resettlement class and stopped at the kebab shop to get some tea. Drove to the class with my food and then sat down on the kerb to tuck into it- yumness. As I was enjoying my chips I became progressively aware of a stinky stinky humdinging poo smell and I thought HA! Imagine if I have just sat down in some dog poo! It became less and less funny as I realised that in fact, that was exactly what I had done. So despite giving my trousers a good rub down with soap I was stinky dog poo pants all night.


JoJo said...

ha ha. you smell.

Glyn said...

That is brilliant. That beats the heck out of pee-bed.

lucy AR said...

no. actually i don't think it's even a contestant. I was dwelling on it... but I decided that human pee bed is way worse that dog poo pants. totally.