I have resorted to the Hmmm title. The default when feeling rather uncreative or when the post is too much of a muddle. (As opposed to feeling spectacuarly thought provoked- that would obviously be in Italics. Hmmmm.)
There are a couple of great reet articles on the rubicon, one by Gordon (whose blog is linked on the right there- urban army) and one by a Grant fellow- kind of about our need to move on from dreaming about the Golden age of early Salvationism. You can see it here. A fab read. The comments are VERY interesting (some are slightly scary too)
It is a showdown between the neo-primitive salvationists (the Opus Dei of the Salvation Army?) and those who aren't (the post-modern/emergent types i think). No, ha, its not quite that dramatic.
But the comments are quite revealing about the increasing prominence of this idea "sin in the camp" that the Salvation Army has become quite overtaken with in months of late. I just hope it doesn't become crippling....


JoJo said...

The Opus Deis?! Hmmm indeed.

lucy AR said...

Hmmm. What u reckon? no?