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From Tony Campolo's Ideas for Social Action:
“Perhaps young people are not attracted so much by a church that tries to entertain them as they are by a church that challenges them to do things for others. If your church provided concrete ways to minister to the needs of others and to effect change in the world they would find your church very attractive. Young people want a church that calls them to be agents of Gods revolution and to be a Part of his movement to bring healing and justice to the world”


Anonymous said...

when you gonna pimp your blog, or do you need a black rapper like me self to turn up and do it for ya!

Tim said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Tony.

lucy AR said...

Hey Tim, yes he puts it well. the whole book is well worth a read, although a bit antique now.

Justin. yes. I need some help from a G-unit. I especially want to design my own header bit. Also, you should check out this Tims blog as he is on blogspot but has mastered audio and video.

BK said...

Word.... a good call from Mr Campolo. My only concern is when people take that to the extreme and think that church can't at all be fun or even entertaining... I'd hope young people find a place of warmth, encouragement and excitement in church.

And, of course, are challenged and equipped to be change-agents for God.

chur chur

Howard said...

Amen to that. Hopefully the whole church will wake up to that but particularly the SA who seem to struggle sometimes in finding direction. I love Stephen who was all for social action but was a man 'full of faith and the Holy Spirit'. I reckon he got the balance just about right!