cool happenings in CA

Check out The Freeway site and their blog. My dad just told me about them on the phone- they are an arm of the Army doing an emergent thing. A community coffee house. Wowza, Canada has a few good things going on ay.

Mum and dad have just got back from the Finland Roots conference, where they ate reindeer steak. Yes folks, its true. To register your horror/disappointment with my parents you can email them: we_ate_Rudolf@regenthall.co.uk

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JoJo said...

I can harldy even begin to imagine how awkward writing this years letter to Santa is going to be. To have to explain that the wonky flying and deficiant speeds are due to our Mum (she said she only licked it - don't believe her)and Dad's consuming of Prancer. Oh the shame.