Mini merits

Behold, Here is Tim in the midget up on One Tree Hill:
It is well cute our little road runner. A friendly old thing. When we are driving along unfamiliar pedestrians wave at us. And when we pull up at lights the driver in the car next to us will share a smile and a chuckle. Strangers in car parks and petrol stations grasp the opportunity to impart some information about a similar car they once had or to ask how much petrol it consumes (which we wouldn’t know as the petrol gauge fails to gauge) or to extol the speed of these little nippers (which we wouldn’t know either as our speedometer kicked the bucket on the weekend).

And, by golly, this is only the friendly factor, I haven’t even touched on the other virtues. Therefore when people ask: The answer can only and undoubtedly be a resounding “Mini Leyland”

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