Top 5 ways to waste $2200

5. Put it in the Bin.
4. Eat it.
3. Set it on fire.
2. Use as scratchy loo paper.
1. Buy a mini off the internet that you haven’t seen.

Yes. So on Saturday we picked up the (not so) mighty mini, about half way down the North Island. On Monday- after a fantastic wee holiday with some pals and family- we attempted to drive it back up to Auckland. After about 25 minutes it died. Completely. So we hung out on the side of the road for 45 minutes, banging the bonnet, rocking it backwards and forward, tapping anything that looked like a “solenoid” and lo and behold after 45 minutes it started again. We made it back to Auckland (after buying a tow rope) on the edge of our seats, the little red miniature coughing and spluttering all the way up. We truly bought a lemon/bomb/piece of poo/hunk of junk/insert own word here.

Haha. Oh well. Life goes on, that's rocks n roll, Cape Diem, you're only young once, Vive Las Vegas and all that sort of thing. And it is still very very cute, albeit crap.


Howard said...

Sorry, have to disagree..

It's a MINI!!!! One of the best motoring icons of the 20th Century.

OK, one that actually works is a bonus but hey, what do you want for $2200? :-)

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!

Anonymous said...