Helen Clark and Ecoman

So. I just met the Prime Minister. Yep, true thing. Shook hands and everything. She was here for the Manukau opening- Salvation Army integrated Social Services, which the Social Policy Unit is a part of.
It is the last day of term today and Tim went off to school to dressed as ECOMAN! When the other teachers ask him why he is dressed like that he is gonna say "Uh. Its Superhero Friday...Didn't you guys get the memo?" Hehe. I just spoke to one of the other teachers on the phone who seemed a bit baffled by the whole thing. Rad ay. Craaaazy. Tim is my superhero for sure. Wah. Will post a pic next time.
Last night went to a cool youth thing the young Army is doing on the North Shore- Mobilise. Run by Jakes and the crew. Sang a song with these beautiful words:

"This is what Im glad to do,
its time to give a life of love that pleases you
and I will give my all to you
surrender all I have to follow you....
May the deeds of my day and the truth in my ways speak of you, Jesus"


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