keeping quiet

We watched "No Mans Land" the other night. A great and intense flick. There is this bit where a frustrated UN field worker is getting mad with the UN's inaction on the issue and he says

"Neutrality doesn't exist in the face of murder. Doing nothing is taking sides"

I think the word"murder" in that quote could easily be replaced with injustice/corruption/wrong legislation/bad politics/mistreatment of people. Often I think we keep our mouths shut for the sake of peace and ease and it is a bad and terrible phenomenom. Arundhati Roy (Indian acitivist and Author) puts it in a nutshell when he says

"To stay quiet is as political an act as speaking out".

It is a true thing.


Anonymous said...

wow that sounds awesome, im preaching on june 25th on how we don't live out the gospel as western christians because we live in such selfish and materialistic ways. Could i have a read of your notes from that message you gave at your church. and also do you know where i could get that movie, is it on DVD

lucy AR said...

yo, yup sure.
it is on dvd yep... i think in the foreign films section.

KJ said...

I saw No Man's Land when it was out at the movies... must have been at a Rialto cinema somewhere!

It's definitely one that leaves you with food for thought doesn't it?! Nice to be reminded of the one-liner... I'm forever collecting those.

I think the graduating one-liner from BCM would have to be: "Hey, that'll make a great sermon illustration!"